On 7th August 2017, Coalbank Limited changed its name to AUSTCHINA HOLDINGS LIMITED (ASX: AUH).

The change in name better reflects it strategy to not only continue its investment in the resources and energy sectors and biogas innovator Utilitas Group, but also to build a platform to allow for investment in a wider range of quality investment opportunities. 

The Company has a JORC compliant inferred thermal coal resource of 1.3 Billion tonnes at its Blackall Coal Project in the Eromanga Basin.

The Company’s 3 Authority to Prospect (ATPs) in the oil and gas industry are held by its wholly owned subsidiary Surat Gas Pty Ltd.

The Company has invested in the biogas energy developer Utilitas, a company specialising in the design and delivery of process plants for both solid organic wastes and wastewater in the emerging biogas industry in Australasia.