Independent Non-executive Director

Mr Marks was educated at Macquarie Boys High School where he achieved significantly high grades of distinction. Thereafter he attended the University of Georgia (USA) to study for a degree in Business Management and Strategic Marketing.

Mr Marks is the founder and Managing Director of Dynamic Products Corporation, with head office in Australia, together with subsidiary companies located in New Zealand, South Africa, the Netherlands, Thailand and China. He has led the development of export sales for the company’s products to 63 countries throughout the world and is well respected in the specific field of international marketing. Dynamic Products has been the proud winner of the coveted ‘Export Award’ presented by the Federal Government in recognition of outstanding Export Sales achievement.

Mr Marks has also been involved in the cattle industry during the 1980s with the breeding of a blood line stock of Polled Herefords at his Rio Vista, Texas (USA) ‘Coolaroo’ ranch: along the way winning the Blue Ribbon with their prized ‘Gypsy Lynn’ at the Texas State Championships.

Prior to embarking on his business career, Ron Marks was recognised as one of Australia’s top sporting champions. Dedicated to the sport of water skiing he won 15 Australian National Championships; was the World Slalom Record holder and proudly wore the green and gold as a member of the Australian Team on eight separate occasions. He has served as Director of both the NSW and the Australian Water Ski Association and in turn was Australia’s representative to the World Water Ski Union.